2017′s Hottest Melbourne Fitness Classes

Fitness trends come and go like fashion – one minute Zumba is cool, the next it’s free on Tuesdays for seniors. Only the really good ones stick around year after year and become a staple, like your white button-up shirt with a pair of great jeans or the Little Black Dress.
Here in 2017 we consider ourselves a discerning bunch, so when we see that the hottest fitness classes in Melbourne are tried and true for many years, we know that they’re worth it. The fitness clubs that offer these classes aren’t looking for trends, they’ve found that timeless quality that makes these classes unbeatable. Read on for more about 2017’s trailblazing fitness classes at centres across Melbourne.

Barre is a darling child among fitness fanatics – using small, controlled movements to mimic the training of a ballerina, you can zero in on targeted muscle groups and get a full-body workout that will keep you coming back for more! Barre was designed by Lotte Berk in the 1970’s, when she began developed a system of exercise that incorporates dance fitness training with principles of Pilates – Barre has held on to its reputation for nearly forty years, so if you want to get lean, strong, and flexible like a dancer, find your nearest Barre.

Boxing has always been a popular sport so it should come as no surprise that the fitness classes are just as sought after. Based on the sport science principles of MMA, boxing classes give you functional skills as well as all of the strength, agility, and cardiovascular training that you could ask for. With superstar celebrities from Gigi Hadid to Adriana Lima all swearing by boxing classes, we know it’s worth it. You might want to find classes that stay close to the sport so you can practise your technique, or perhaps you’d rather try a boxing fitness class. These incorporate the methodology of boxing with other training methods to deliver a kick-ass workout that will get your muscles into overdrive and your heart pumping.

High-intensity interval training consists of short, sharp bursts of exercise that are designed to push you to your limit, before an interval of rest for you to recuperate before the next round. This form of exercise has been around for years but the benefits are still being discovered – just recently it has been named the best anti-ageing exercise you can do, by a science magazine. So we trust them. Train for endurance, agility, and strength with H.I.I.T, and enjoy the serious boost of energy this unique training system offers.

Pilates is almost impossible to fault. Having been carefully and systematically designed by Joseph Pilates after his own early life was plagued by ailments, Pilates has helped to heal countless people across the globe for close to 100 years and continues to hold up to even the most severe scrutiny. The beautiful part is how closely it was engineered to match our natural movements – Pilates doesn’t ask much more of you than regular day-to-day movement, but it does ask that you do it with precision and attention, with regular breath and a solid core. It can be adjusted to suit the needs of people of any shape, size, or ability, but everyone can experience a challenging workout and that rewarding sensation afterwards. There’s a reason Pilates has been around longer than most of us, give it a go and find out why!

One of the most timeless forms of exercise, Yoga was actually designed to prepare monks for hours of sitting in meditation. Yoga attracts many people because of its ability to blend the physical with the emotional and spiritual. Even if the spiritual side isn’t for you, the benefits of mindfulness are countless. There are different styles of Yoga so you can choose the best one for you, whether it’s fast or slow or meditative, and each one offers the opportunity to turn your attention inwards and be present in your body while training your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.